10-Minute Tasks for Ultimate Productivity (Free Printable Inside!)

10-Minute Tasks for Ultimate Productivity (Free Printable Inside!)

Boost Your Productivity with 10-Minute Tasks: Free Printable Task List

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to complete all our tasks can feel overwhelming. However, you can accomplish a lot in just 10 minutes. This blog post will guide you through how to make the most of short bursts of time and provide you with a free printable “10-Minute Missions” task list to keep you organised and productive.

Why 10-Minute Tasks?

10-minute tasks are perfect for filling those small gaps in your day, keeping your momentum going, and breaking down larger projects into manageable steps. They are less daunting, easy to fit into your schedule, and can significantly boost your productivity.

10 Minute Tasks List - Free Printable

10 Quick Tasks to Get You Started

  1. Tidy Up a Room: Pick a room and spend 10 minutes decluttering and organising. You’ll be amazed at the difference a short clean-up can make.
  2. Respond to Emails: Clear your inbox by responding to or deleting as many emails as possible within 10 minutes.
  3. Plan Your Day: Use this time to list your top three priorities for the day or plan your schedule.
  4. Water Plants: Give your green friends some love. A quick watering session can keep your plants happy and healthy.
  5. Stretch or Exercise: Do a quick workout or stretch to keep your body active and energised.
  6. Read an Article or Book Chapter: Use these 10 minutes to read something informative or enjoyable.
  7. Organise Your Desktop: Clear the clutter on your computer desktop, making it easier to find important files.
  8. Meditate or Practice Deep Breathing: Spend 10 minutes calming your mind with meditation or deep breathing exercises.
  9. Prepare a Healthy Snack: Whip up a quick, nutritious snack to keep you fuelled throughout the day.
  10. Check Your Finances: Review your budget or check recent transactions to stay on top of your financial health.

Free Printable 10-Minute Missions Task List

To help you implement these ideas, we’ve created a free printable “10-Minute Missions” task list. This handy tool will help you jot down quick tasks and keep track of your accomplishments. Click the link below to download your free printable!

Download Your Free 10-Minute Missions Task List Here: Purposeful Planning’s 10 Minute Missions! Free Printable

How to Use Your 10-Minute Missions Task List

  1. Print It Out: Print the task list and keep it somewhere visible, like on your desk or refrigerator. Tip: When printing choose to print the entire image and select either A5 or A4 size depending on what you prefer.
  2. List Your Tasks: Write down tasks you can complete in 10 minutes. Be specific to avoid wasting time deciding what to do.
  3. Set a Timer: Use a timer to strictly adhere to the 10-minute limit, making you more focused and efficient.
  4. Prioritise: Highlight tasks that are more urgent or important to ensure they get done first.
  5. Reflect and Adjust: At the end of the week, review your list to see what you’ve accomplished and make adjustments for the next week.
Example- Purposeful Planning's 10 Minute Missions! Free Printable


By breaking down your tasks into 10-minute missions, you can achieve a lot without feeling overwhelmed. This approach not only boosts productivity but also provides a sense of accomplishment throughout the day. Download our free printable task list and start tackling your to-dos in manageable, stress-free chunks today!

Feel free to share this post with friends and family who might benefit from these quick productivity tips. Let’s all make the most of our time, one 10-minute mission at a time!

5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Right Now

5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Right Now

5 steps to improve your mental health and wellbeing 

In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of our mental health is as crucial as looking after our physical well-being. Just like regular exercise and a balanced diet contribute to our physical health, adopting certain practices can significantly improve our mental well-being. In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 ways to improve your mental health and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

5 Ways to Improve your Mental Health Infographic

Prioritise Self Care

Self Care is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of maintaining good mental health. Prioritising self-care involves allocating time for activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul. This can include activities such as exercise, meditation, spending time in nature, pursuing hobbies, or simply indulging in activities that bring you joy. By making self-care a priority, you’re actively investing in your mental well-being and building resilience to life’s stressors.

Develop Positive Relationships

Human connection plays a vital role in our mental health. Developing positive relationships with friends, family, and community members can provide a sense of belonging, support, and validation. Surround yourself with people who uplift and encourage you, and invest time and effort into nurturing these relationships. Additionally, don’t hesitate to seek professional help or support groups if you’re struggling with mental health issues. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

Practice Mindfulness and Stress Management

In today’s hectic world, stress has become a common part of daily life. Learning to manage stress effectively is essential for maintaining good mental health. One powerful tool for stress management is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment without judgment, which can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily routine, such as mindful breathing exercises or body scans, to promote a sense of calm and inner peace.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can have a profound impact on your mental well-being. Make sure to prioritise activities that support your overall health, such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep. Remember that small changes to your daily habits can add up to significant improvements in your mental health over time.

Practice Gratitude and Positive Thinking

Cultivating a mindset of gratitude and positive thinking can transform how you perceive and experience the world around you. Take time each day to reflect on the things you’re grateful for, whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a kind gesture from a friend, or a personal achievement. Focusing on the positive aspects of your life can help shift your perspective and improve your overall sense of well-being. Additionally, challenge negative thought patterns and replace them with more balanced and optimistic viewpoints.

In Conclusion…

Improving your mental health is a journey that requires dedication, self-awareness, and commitment to self-care. By implementing these five strategies into your daily life, you can enhance your mental well-being and cultivate a greater sense of happiness, resilience, and fulfilment. Remember, taking care of your mental health is not selfish; it’s an essential aspect of leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

Mental Health Diaries

Additionally, if you’re looking for a practical tool to support your mental health journey, consider our Mental Health Diaries. Our diaries are designed to help you track your mood, complete mini self care trackers; such as water intake, sleep and fresh air and allow you to  reflect on your thoughts and emotions.  Purposeful Planning’s Mental Health Diaries can be a valuable companion on your path to better mental wellbeing.

Click on the button below to learn more about our Mental Health Diaries and take the next step towards prioritising your mental health. Remember, your mental well-being matters, and investing in tools that support it is a meaningful step towards a happier and healthier life.

Need more support with your Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Personalised Father's Day Gift Ideas | Unique & Customisable Gifts for Dad

I love giving gifts that have a personal touch and are useful to the person receiving them. If you are struggling to find a great gift this Father's Day check out our suggestions on unique and customisable gifts below that we have designed and made.

Perhaps your Dad is in to fishing or your Grandad loves to do gardening, our planners, notebooks and diaries could be just the tool they need!

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Does your loved one love gardening? Need a gardening inspired gift? This is the ultimate planning tool to use this year to plan your garden projects. From seed inventories to planting plans each page inside is designed to help you organise how you would like the garden to look. No need to keep on digging around for that perfect present you've found it!

For anyone who loves taking Camping Trips, whether it be in a tent, a camper van or a caravan, the Camping Planner Notebook is great for the Camping Lover! Write down and log all your camping trips, plan them and make lists for packing for up to 15 trips! A unique and useful gift- wow your loved one will be one Happy Camper!

Have you been fishing around for the right present? Is your love one constantly going on about their latest catch? Check out our Personalised Fishing Log Book where they can keep track of their fishing trips, biggest catches and how they caught them! With 140 pages inside and a handy A5 size, this Fishing Gift will be the best catch!

It doesn't get any more personal than this gift! Why not get your loved one a Customised Order Book for their business? Add their business logo and colours and surprise them with a unique and personalised gift. The branded Order Book will certainly get their attention and you will be the boss in their eyes!

Often we struggle to find a gift that can help someone in their daily life. Our Medication Tracker is great for your loved one to keep track of their medication intake and dosage. With a personalised colourful front cover it's easy to spot lying around and a handy A5 size for carrying around if needed.

Is your loved one trying to lose weight or following a Slimming Plan? Our Diet Diary is full of pages to help track weight loss and note down daily food intake. There are several front cover designs to choose from but our favourite is definitely the "Bite it, Write it" one. This supportive gift could be a great alternative to all those naughty treats and goodies.

5 Easy Steps On How To Use A Student Planner

5 Easy Steps On How To Use A Student Planner

How to use a Student Planner

5 Easy Steps On How To Use A Student Planner

Whether you are a parent wanting to help your child to become more independent or a student needing to become more organised in their studies, knowing how to use a Student Planner can make your's or your child's Student Life more easier.

We can't all be great at revising for exams and tests, remembering timetables, what class is when and where and the deadlines for projects, homework and assignments. This is where a Student Academic Planner could help. Everything you need to remember and written down all in one place.

Step 1 - Read your New Student Planner

Take time to read your new Student Planner Notebook. Get to know what pages are inside as this will help you visualise how you can get the best out of your Student Diary. Most importantly keep using it.

Step 2 - Filling in the most important parts

Start to fill in the All About Me section in the Student Diary. As tempting as it might to skip this, if your diary should ever go missing you have a chance to get it back. Following this, write down your course/subject and contact information. It is at the front of the Student Planner for quick easy access in case you need to contact your teacher/tutor. Finally fill in any permanent due dates, course end dates, assignment details etc.

Student Planner Notebook Inside Pages 1

Step 3 - Set goals

Set weekly goals and daily to do lists to reach them using the Student Weekly Plans. Go back over them at the end of the day or the end of the week. That way if you haven't finished any of them they can be carried over. Always use the priority matrix by splitting goals and tasks into 4 sections:

  1. Urgent AND important (Do it now)
  2. Important NOT urgent (Do it next)
  3. Urgent NOT important (Do later)
  4. NOT urgent OR important (Don't do it)

Student Planner Notebook Inside Pages 3

Step 4 - Time management

Remember to double check when anything is due in or any deadlines. Using the Weekly Plan time sections to see when you have any spare time to complete revision and homework but also remember to have a balance of work and play, mental health is important especially to achieve your best. Break down any tasks and assignments into manageable small tasks, it will make you feel like your are progressing further and give you a boost of confidence to get to that end goal and finish. The Student Timetable Pages can be used for revision, course details and knowing where you need to be and when. You could also use these to help with that work and social life balance.

Step 5- Stay positive and have fun

Find ways to make using your Student Planner fun. Whether that be using coloured pens and highlighters, add some stickers, draw pictures inside or add sticky notes inside perhaps with motivational quotes. Be proud of yourself for completing even the most smallest of tasks. Even if it is just getting out your Purposeful Planning's Student Planner and writing in it, that is worth celebrating as the end goal is to become more organised in your studies.

Win a Camping Notebook Competition 2021

Win a Camping Notebook Competition 2021

Win a Camping Notebook Competition 2021

Are you planning a UK Staycation Camping Trip this summer? Fancy winning a CAMPING NOTEBOOK that will also help you win at planning, prepping and logging your trip in our NEW Camping Travel Journal Log?

To enter our fantastic Purposeful Planning Competition to WIN a Camping Planner just head over to either:

our Facebook page @PurposefulpPlanningBooks

or to our Instagram page @PurposefulPlanningBooks

Competition starts on  Tuesday 29th June 2021 at 11am and ends on Tuesday 13th July 2021 at 11am.

Competition Terms and Conditions


The “Win A Camping Notebook Contest” is sponsored by Purposeful Planning. This contest is governed by these official rules. By participating in the contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these Official Rules, including all eligibility requirements, and understands that the results of the contest, as determined by Sponsor and its agents, are final in all respects.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to Sponsor, not Facebook or Instagram.

ELIGIBILITY The Contest is open to legal residents of the UK Mainland, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry. Sponsor has the right to verify the eligibility of each entrant.

COMPETITION PERIOD The competition begins at 29th June, 2021 11.00am and ends at 13th July, 2021, 11am. All entries must be received on or before the time stated during that competition period. Sponsor reserves the right to extend or shorten the contest at their sole discretion.

HOW TO ENTER You can enter the competition through the Purposeful Planning Facebook Page or the Purposeful Planning Instagram page. Entrants need to Comment in the comment section of the competition posts on Instagram or Facebook, Sharing isn’t necessary to enter. By entering you give permission for the competition sponsor to contact you, announce the winner on the Purposeful Planning’s pages and contact you via Facebook or Instagram Messages.

WINNER SELECTION All eligible entries received during the Competition Period will be gathered from both Instagram and Facebook into a database at the end of the Competition Period. A winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be announced on or about 13th July 2021. Announcement will be made on the comments section of the post and a direct personal message will be sent out if possible and the prize will be sent out 1st Class Royal Mail Signed For, once contact has been made and a UK Mainland address has been obtained. Each entrant is responsible for monitoring his/her messages and notifications for prize notification and receipt or other communications related to this competition, check others folder too. If a potential prize winner cannot be reached by the Sponsor, within seven (7) days, using the contact information provided at the time of entry, or if the prize is returned as undeliverable, that potential prize winner shall forfeit the prize. Another winner will then be chosen at random.

PRIZE: One (1) Camping Planner Notebook Worth £14.49 (Inc. P&P) Cover can be changed to one of our 3 available styles on our website and personalisation can be added:

Incidental expenses and all other costs and expenses which are not specifically listed as part of a prize in these Official Rules and which may be associated with the award, acceptance, receipt and use of all or any portion of the awarded prize are solely the responsibility of the respective prize winner. Incidents involving delivery of the prize is not the responsibility of the Sponsor, however the prize can be traced to a post office using the First Class signed for Royal Mail service. Item broken or misplaced, responsibility does not rest on sponsor unfortunately. Personalisation cannot be changed once given to Purposeful Planning and it is not their responsibility if the winner gives the wrong spelling.

PUBLICITY By participating, each entrant grants Sponsor permission to use his/her name, likeness or comments for publicity purposes without payment of additional consideration, except where prohibited by law.

COMPETITION SPONSORS This competition is sponsored by:

Purposeful Planning


East Sussex

BN22 9NT

Any questions regarding this competition should be directed to info@purposefulplanning.co.uk


Important Information: Covid-19

Important Information: Covid-19

UPDATE 21st May 2020

Hi everyone we wanted to keep you updated with what’s happening here at Purposeful Planning. We have looked at how we can continue to stay open online and how we can avoid contact with others to keep everyone safe. We are open for business as usual and will continue to run our business as long as we can during this Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic. Every day the situation changes so we will continue to adapt and look at what is best for everyone concerned. So please keep looking out for posts on our website and updates on our social media.

What we are doing about Coronavirus at Purposeful Planning:

We run the business from home and like everyone, we are only leaving the house for essential foods etc inline with the Government’s Guidelines.

Supplies will be ordered online when required, though we currently have plenty in stock.

Posting- We will now be offering ‘First Class Signed For’ again for posting. If the situation changes with Covid-19 and more stricter practices have to take place we will look at this again.

We are very sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, just like many of us we are trying to keep our self employed business going for as long as possible and we really appreciate all the support you have been giving us and continue to give us.

If you see any of our posts on social media sites please like, share, comment etc, we would be very grateful 🙂

Stay safe, be kind and look after one another,
Sarah xxxx

10 Tips to Increase Productivity

10 Tips to Increase Productivity

10 Tips to Increase Productivity

January is a great time to make goals, resolutions and to attempt tasks that we would normally push aside. Why is that? It is because we feel we have a fresh start and chance to get things right in a brand new year!

However, usually half way through the month a lot of us stumble and fail to achieve the goals we set at the beginning of January.

I thought I would share with you 10 tips to help increase productivity and for possibly the first time finish off those task and goals you so badly wanted to achieve!

  1. Planning Time

I know it sounds funny to plan time to plan but a routine is great for helping you stay on track. Find a time where you can sit down even for a few minutes to jot down the important dates and times for the upcoming week. I like to do this on a Sunday, that way I feel fresh and ready to face the week on Monday morning.

  1. Commitments and Set Dates

Next only write down the set dates and commitments for the week that are a must, cannot be avoided. The best way to look at which tasks are the most important can be to see them as which tasks need my full attention and nothing else can be tackled at that time. Block out the timings you need to allow for these events.

  1. Prioritise

With the remaining time you have left, write down a list of tasks for the week. A lot of people find prioritising tasks using a number system can be very useful. Marking tasks as number 1 being important and urgent, number 2 being important but not urgent, number 3 to be not important but urgent and number 4 being not important and not urgent. Number 4 tasks are known as distractions and should only be done should tasks 1-3 have been done.

  1. Breaking down the tasks into steps

Starting with the number 1 tasks, try to break them down into more manageable steps. You must try not to move on to number 2 tasks until number 1 tasks have been completed as they were the most urgent and most important.

  1. Time Blocking

Once you know the tasks and the more manageable steps, time blocking can help you make sure you achieve the more important tasks. Pencil in the time you think you will need, again in priority order.

  1. Being Realistic

Ok, so you begin to find yourself falling into the trap of letting things slide again, you are only one person, you are not super human, even though we may feel like we are. If you find yourself stressing over the number of tasks you have and there are not enough hours in the day to breathe let alone sit down and plan everything, just take 3 tasks. 3 tasks per day on the must get done list. Tick them off as you go as it will make you feel so much better and then do the same again tomorrow until you feel things have calmed down. If 3 is too many reduce the number of tasks or the amount of time to achieve them.

  1. Planners and Diaries

I believe when we write things down we memorise them so much better than when we use technology. I know that makes me old fashioned, but there is something about writing down goals and tasks and ticking them off as I go, that gives me a buzz. (Don’t laugh, as I know there are lots of people like me out there ha ha). Planners and diaries are a great way of keeping track of things and allows you to go back and look at previous writings and entries. Funny enough I know a great business that loves making homemade planners and diaries 😉 Purposeful Planning

  1. Post It Notes

These are a must! They can be stuck around anywhere (even on your husband’s favourite piece of technology) and are a great way to remind you and other people about things quickly! Whether it be a shopping list, an appointment time for the kids or a reminder for him to take out the rubbish, post it notes are a life saver.

  1. Use Time Efficiently

Be productive with your time. Remember, we all have exactly the same number of hours each day. For example, you can use time waiting for appointments or waiting in line to catch up on something i.e. reading emails. Look at the activities that fill your day and determine ways they could either be done more efficiently or if possible remove them completely. By shaving minutes off of several tasks throughout the day, you can free up a larger block of time later. Think of two ways you could save time in your daily schedule.

  1. End of Day/Week/Month Review

Finally, I would suggest reviewing your to-do list regularly whether that be daily, weekly or monthly. This will look at what you have accomplished, what you could have done more efficiently, and what you need to get done next. Look at your daily planner and actually check off those items you’ve completed. This will give you a great sense of accomplishment and help you determine those tasks that require more time than originally anticipated.

Good luck with your goals and tasks, I hope that this year is your year to become more productive.

New Year New Plans!

New Year New Plans!

New Year New Plans!

Happy New Year Everyone. A brand new year to make brand new plans but what plans will you be making this year?


Have you made any resolutions?

Perhaps you would like to become more organised within your business? Our Accounts Book is an excellent tool for keeping track of your finances.

Would you like to see more money coming in within your business? Try using our Order Book and jot down all incoming orders and keep a note of when they have been paid for and posted.

Business Book Bundle

Healthier New You? Our Medical Diary is great for helping to keep an eye on your own and your family’s health and medical records.

My Medical Diary

And one of the most popular resolution for the New Year is to lose weight after all that Christmas munching! We sell some gorgeous Diet Diaries! Our Diet Diary can help you keep track of your food and exercise intake and follow your weight loss journey. Hopefully this will give you the boost and encouragement to carry on as you see your weight loss progress written down in front of you.

My Diet Diary

Purposeful Planning’s New Plans

We are so excited about the plans we would like to implement in 2018! We are looking forward to introducing many more planners and diaries to our ever growing selection. The planners we are hoping to bring out this year are a Marketing Planner to expand our business books range, a Wedding Planner, a Mental Health Diary and a range of Children’s Notebooks and Journals.

New Year New Plans




NEW Diet Diaries Available Now

NEW Diet Diaries Available Now

NEW Diet Diaries Available Now

Introducing our NEW Diet Diaries compatible with Slimming World. 

new diet diaries available now

Even the most difficult tasks can be made easier with a plan, so let Purposeful Planning help guide you to a successful result! Our diet diary journal lasts for one year and can be started at any day/week/month.

With 52, week to view food logs to be able to write down the foods you have eaten, and the treats you may have to add up, weight loss trackers and graphs so you can clearly see how you are going, and a photo progress section to see your body changing to give you an extra boost, what is not to love!

It can be hard to stay on track and often we forget what we have drunk, eaten, what we now weigh and our body measurements but our diary can store all of this information for you to make it easier to refer back to.

Some days maybe better than others so on the week to view food logs we have included a today’s mood section then you can look back to which day’s plan worked well.

Need to start an exercise plan? Not a problem we have a section in the diary to help you see how much exercise you would like to attempt each week time wise, you can choose whether to aim for bronze, silver or gold fitness level.

All of these pages and lots more can be found in our NEW Diet Diaries and there are 6 front covers to choose from making your diary more personalised to you.

What makes it even better is the price, just £11 for a 12 months diary and £2.50 First Class Signed For Postage cost.

So what are you waiting for, we all need a little help to plan purposefully…



Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon to Purposeful Planning

Coming Soon

So a little about me, I already run a business called the Christmas Elf Service and have decided to start another venture in the form of planning books and diaries.

I am a mum of two children who is obsessed with planning everything down to a tee! Without my plans sometimes I wonder how would I succeed in trying to achieve my goals. And so this is how I came to the idea of Purposeful Planning. Planning with a purpose!

So as our new business grows we will be introducing lots of different planners and diaries. To start us off we are going to start selling a Diet Diary as many of us in January need support in kick starting our need to become more healthy after all that chocolate and turkey!
So coming soon over the next couple of weeks stay with us, regularly check out our website and our Facebook page and like our posts, as we will be showing you what our new planner is all about!